Make it easier by letting our technology services do the heavy lifting for you


Make it easier by letting our technology services do the heavy lifting for you

It Can Be Stressful

Adoption is one of the most amazing things that any family can do for a child needing a home. However, speaking from personal experience, it can be one of the hardest and emotionally draining things you will ever do in your life as well. If you are new to your Adoption Journey or even if you have been on your journey for some time, at Tekk Adoption we can help you by giving you the tools you need to increase your presence across the nation to those seeking an adoption plan.

Whether you decide to pursue Private Independent Adoption or adoption through an Agency, there is a great deal involved. You will find there is plenty of paperwork, legal obstacles, and more to deal with. There is just so much to do that it can be overwhelming, even more so if you decide on Private Independent Adoption as you will be doing the work all on your own! Do you really want to be concerned about figuring out how to use technology to your best advantage? Do you want to take hours upon hours designing your website from scratch, creating advertising campaigns, keeping track of state laws, and researching other possible "bumps in the road"?

It Can Be Confusing

Today's technology, the internet, in particular, is truly transforming adoption by allowing Expectant Parents (EPs) and Hopeful Adoptive Parents (HAPs) to connect directly. In many cases bypassing adoption agencies entirely. In years past, the typical way to adopt a child was either through an Adoption Agency or in later years by advertising in newspapers. The internet is well on its way of making paper obsolete, and we need to remember that the Expectant Parent(s) looking for families are also those that were born into generations that never knew a world without the internet. And now, thanks to the internet, for the same money spent on paper advertising which is limited to a very small physical area, Hopeful Adoptive Parent(s) can now have a national presence.
The biggest obstacle is that very few families are familiar or comfortable enough with technology to be able to create and design their own website, set up domains & E-Mail addresses, create and manage advertising campaigns, set up toll-free numbers, etc. Where do you start? It takes time for those not already "in-the-know" to learn how to create these things and maintain them, time that many families don't have the luxury to afford. So, many families consider not investing in these technologies. However, the absolute truth is that in today's world of instant information, without an online presence you are excluding a very significant portion of the potential Expectant Parents available across the nation. Can you really afford not investing in technology and making sure it is done right?

Let Us Help You Put The Puzzle Together

There are so many pieces to the puzzle that forms a family's "Online Adoption Campaign", but we are here to help you put it all together in one place. Tekk Adoption was created after our own successful adoption and it was created with the budget and time conscious family in mind. After all, we are Adoptive Parents ourselves; who better to trust your online presence to than those that know exactly what you are going through because they did it themselves? Our company was born out of a desire to help other families be just as blessed as ours was by adoption. Our families see our dedication through our extremely low prices, quick response time to questions, and our ever-evolving list of services! You will find that we offer a variety of packages and plans. We believe in giving you the power to pick and chose what you need, allowing you to add-on any service at any time! And as we have mentioned before, you will also notice that our pricing is significantly lower than our competitors; because our goal is to help you adopt, not separate you from your money. Adoption is expensive and we rather you spend your money on your advertising budget, or better yet, BABY GEAR!

What Makes Us Different Than "Traditional" Methods?

It wasn't long ago that the method to advertise for adoption was through the use of newspaper, and so that is what all the professionals in the field of adoption instructed their clients to do. There are many professionals that still instruct their clients to continue this tradition. We are here to tell you that from our own observation and research, this method is no longer a productive use of a family's advertising budget.

Any print-based advertising is going to have three major drawbacks ...
  1. Limited exposure due to physical location of said periodical
  2. A broad audience where the majority of the subscribers are not interested in adoption
  3. A relatively small audience as younger generations use the internet

Online advertising breaks through all of those barriers mentioned above, exposing your advertisement across the entire nation while simultaneously narrowing down the audience to those specifically looking for you, it really is all about quality-over-quantity! After all, doesn't it make more sense to spend money to attract those you are specifically looking for, rather than spend money advertising to a group of people that have no interest in what you are offering?

At Tekk Adoption our services are specifically designed and tailored for families looking to adopt, as opposed to other providers that offer generic "any-purpose" services. We make the process simple so your services are up and running as quickly as possible, offering our families services that are based on our own experience in the adoption journey. And we are always looking to expand and enhance what we offer, bringing new ideas and services to our families through constant contact and feedback. Our goal is your success in adoption; so feedback, ideas, comments, and stories of our family's adoption journeys are always welcome and encouraged! We want to hear from you!

Where Do You Start?

Step 1

First, you need a dedicated website. Our service, unlike our competitors, is a self-guided template-based website so you don't have to figure out the design of your site or what topics to add, simply fill in the blanks to the pre-designed templates. We also offer several different themes to chose from to help make your site unique to your family's personality, and you also receive a custom domain name, and we impose no upload limits! We want our families to express themselves fully to Expectant Parents viewing their website, so we don't believe in limiting photo uploads or BLOG posts. We also have an amazing Video Showcase service, a great way to get your website to stand out from the crowd by offering a more personalized touch to your online portfolio!

Step 2

Next, you want to start your online advertising so that Expectant Parents are aware of your website and can find it. Don't rely on organic searching only, the chances that your website appears on organic searching alone is very low. Our Google Advertising service is specifically tailored for Hopeful Adoptive Parent(s). You are responsible for designing the text of your advertisement, and we offer an extensive list of samples to inspire you, along with advice on how to put your Ad together. Our advertising campaigns include our proprietary list of keywords that drive traffic to your website, and we also monitor and manage your campaign for you to ensure that you continue to receive high-quality traffic to your website. This is done by constantly reviewing and updating the keywords associated with your advertisement. Our job is to take the complicated and time-consuming aspects of your online advertising campaign, so you can concentrate on the other important aspects of your Adoption Journey. We do not take ANY commission from your advertising budget. Rest assured that 100% of your advertising budget is going to your advertisement campaign itself.

Bottom Line

In order to have a successful online presence and campaign, you will need a few items put into place.
Highly Recommended / Required:
Optional Items:

Let Us Put The World Of Technology Into Your Hands

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All subscription based services include access to our entire suite of online data specifically geared for Hopeful Adoptive Parent(s) and our notifications systems SCAM Alerts and Pass-Along's. We really go the extra mile to make sure you have as many tools at your fingertips as possible to help you on your journey.


Our self-guided template-based design makes creating you adoption website super easy. Just fill in the blanks!

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Google Advertising

Online advertising is complicated and time-consuming. Let us take the burden of managing your campaign, and give yourself more time to concentrate on other important things.

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** Not recommended for families on a strict budget. We recommend spending your advertising budget on Google Advertising instead, and if you have additional funds you would like to use for print advertising, then do so.