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Unlike many of our competitors, our website are stand-alone sites, not linked to any other website or profile. Expectant parents visiting one of our customer websites cannot use the site as a spring-board to jump to another Adoptive Parent site. We also offer full websites with custom web domains (ie: www.JohnAndJaneAdopt.com), whereas most of our competitors create simple pages off of their main company website and offer convoluted addresses to find your page that are hard to remember (ie: www.company.com/Customer-Profiles/123456). See the list below for more details:

Tekk Adoption vs Average Competitor

  Tekk Adoption Average Competitor
Custom Domain Yes No
Easy To Remember Web Address Yes No
Custom E-Mail Addresses Yes No
Google Analytics Yes Yes
Integrated Visitation Reports Optional No
Toll Free # Optional Optional
100% Control of Your Site's Data Yes No
Selection of Themes Yes No
Unlimited Photos & Blog Yes Optional
Budget Tracking App Yes No
Messageboards Yes No
Adoption Guides Yes No
Worksheets Yes No

We offer two main website design plans, Standard and Premium. See the chart below for brief list of features on each plan.

Standard vs Premium Web Design Services

Standard Premium
6 Webpages 6 Webpages
Unlimited Photos Unlimited Photos
Unlimited BLOG Unlimited BLOG
Several Web Themes Several Web Themes
Unique Domain Name Unique Domain Name
Google Analytics Google Analytics
Budget Tracking App Budget Tracking App
SCAM Reports SCAM Reports
Messageboards MesagesBoards
Adoption Guides Adoption Guides
Home Study Guides Home Study Guides
Worksheets Worksheets
Adoption Laws by State Adoption Laws by State
Search Engine Submission Search Engine Submission
  Placement on Tekk Adoption
Social Networking Sites
  Toll-Free Number
w/ Unlimited Incoming Calls
  On-Demand Site Traffic Reports

Tekk Adoption is open to ALL families that are looking to adopt. Our goal is to help any family grow their family tree through technology. All that is required is a completed and active Home Study.

Yes, just because you haven't yet obtained a Home Study does not mean you cannot prepare. Families at the very beginning of their Adoption Process who have yet to start have a few options with Tekk Adoption.

  1. You can subscribe to our "Members Only" service to gain access to all our online services (ie: Messageboads, Guides, Worksheets, etc.) without having a website design. When you complete your Home Study you can upgrade to a full Website Design package.
  2. You can purchase any Website Design package and be given a temporary website domain so that you can access your website and add information to it. However, your chosen custom website domain will not be activated until you have successfully completed your Home Study and supplied it to us.

There are two options when submitting information to us to prove you have an active Home Study.

Preferred Method

A signed and certified letter from either your Attorney, Social Worker or Adoption Agency stating that you have successfully completed your Home Study along with the date that your Home Study Certification expires. Expiration date of your certification is required.

Alternate Method

Copy of the first and last page only (with signatures) of your current Home Study (cannot be expired). Please do not submit your entire Home Study as it contains personal information that we do not need to keep on record. Please be sure that of the pages submitted your names, signatures of the certifying agent, and your expiration date are supplied.

This information can be E-Mailed to Sales@TekkAdoption.com or faxed to (631) 716-5007.

Yes. Tekk Adoption is not an Adoption Agency or a Law Firm. Depending on what type of adoption path you choose (Agency or Independent) you will either need to hire an Adoption Agency and/or a Lawyer to represent you.

We are strictly a "Connection Service", and offer tools to help you to connect with expectant parents. We do not offer pre-adoption support outside of the online guides that we offer to our members, nor do we offer any type of post-adoption support.

When contacted by expectant parents, it will be your responsibility to pursue the opportunity. We do not offer direct assistance beyond the scope of our technology services.

All of our services come with a Google Analytics account. If you opted for the Premium Service then you will have access to visitation statistics directly on your own site. For Standard Service members, you will have access to a Google Analytics account directly where you can review your visitation statistics.

We can not offer any guarantees to a successful adoption as every family and connection opportunity is unique. We are extremely confident that our services will increase your exposure to expectant parents and your chances of a successful adoption. After all...our services offered are the same successful techniques used by the founders of Tekk Adoption.

We are a "Connection Service" company that concentrates on technology. We take all the different technologies available and bundle them into packages to make it easier for you as a Prospective Adoptive Parent to integrate them into your adoption process. Our goal is to give you a one-stop-shop location for all your Adoption Technology needs, and to take the burden of setting it all up. Which in turn leaves you more time to concentrate on what is important, finding your future child (or children)!

We are not a Legal Firm. Our goal is to offer you the tools to make connecting to expectant parents easier. We do not offer any legal advice. All Prospective Adoptive Parents need to retain their own Adoption Attorney and/or Adoption Agency for legal counsel.