RECALL: Infant Inclined Sleepers

While all inclined sleepers pose a risk of death, only some have been recalled recently.

"... recent research, including an ongoing investigation by Consumer Reports, has found that all inclined sleepers increase the risk of suffocation. That's because the sleepers, which position infants at an angle between 10 and 30 degrees, can allow a baby's head to slump forward, blocking airflow, and make it easier for a baby to roll over into the sleeper's sidewalls or headrest, interfering with breathing.

The products, including those made by other manufacturers, have been linked to at least 73 infant deaths and more than 1,000 incidents, many of them resulting in serious injuries."

"... the U.S. Senate is now considering legislation, already passed by the House of Representatives, that would also ban their manufacture and sale. While the proposed ban and legislation have not yet been implemented, Amazon, eBay, Buy Buy Baby, Walmart, and several other retailers have vowed to pull all infant inclined sleepers, even those that haven’t been recalled, from their stores and online marketplaces."

Please follow the link below to view a list of recalled products and how to contact the manufacturers.


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