CAP Receives Approval To Open Adoption Agency

CAP Receives Approval To Open Adoption Agency

"Children Awaiting Parents recently received approval from the New York State Office of Children and Family Services and the NYS Attorney General's Office to open The Hon. Donald J. Corbett Adoption Agency. 

The agency will certify families residing in the state to adopt children waiting in the U.S. foster care system nationwide. 

The approval comes as CAP celebrates its 45th year of spreading awareness about the need for adoptive homes for children waiting in foster care. CAP started as a grassroots organization that went on to revolutionize the adoption field by creating a national photolisting of waiting children. CAP's adoption experts have contributed to over 6,000 adoptions through the photolisting, recruitment strategies and assistance to pre-adoptive families.

CAP will provide all adoption services in-house, including adoption home studies, child matching, placement supervision and post-adoption support. CAP will continue to photolist waiting children and advocate for families nationwide in addition to certifying local families to adopt. 
Corbett was a Monroe County Family Court and New York State Court of Claims judge who has been credited with opening doors for women in law, working for the betterment of housing for low income residents and consistently supporting children's issues. He was a supporter of CAP's initiatives to break barriers surrounding cross county adoptions. He served his final years as a hands-on CAP board member. He maintained that CAP should take the next steps to assist waiting youth by becoming an adoption agency.

Interested families can register for adoption certification classes starting April 27 at CAP's Village Gate Office, 274 N. Goodman St., Rochester. 

For information, call 585-232-5110 or email info@capbook.org."


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